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Re-used beer carrier!



Beer bottle carrier cardboard is perfect for most glass ball ornaments. I have bad luck keeping the manufacture boxes in great condition, over time they break. This is a solution so that and they sit nicely in your Christmas decoration boxes/totes neatly. Win win! Recycle, re-use! Happy holiday clean up!

Toilet Paper Tube Icicle Tutorial

Toilet Paper Tube Icicle Tutorial





Master Recycler = Me. I try to reuse as many things as I can in secret hidden you don’t know it’s trash ways. Here is another one them!


Toilet paper tube (as many as you want)


large metal knitting needle (easier to clean) *Optional*


brush for gluing

glitter of your choice in a ziplock style bag

1. Cut your tube following the natural line around the tube.



2. This is how it flattens to look.  If it looks like this, you’ve done it right so far!




3. Cut it along the center. Now you have 2 strips.


4. Cut the 2 you have in the center again and it multiplies to 4. You can cut smaller but remember when you glue them and reform them they are thinner and may be weaker.



5. I didn’t get pictures of the gluing and glitter as I needed more hands than I had! However I will try to explain in detail. I glued both sides of the tube strips and tossed them in the ziplock to shake the glitter onto them. I let them dry a short time, still damp but not fresh, I took a knitting needle, the metal kind and used it to shape the icicle, twirling it around the needle in the natural direction it wanted to go and formed it. Let it dry, there you have it. Toilet paper tube icicles. I hole punched one end to wire them.  Below is what they looked like with my choice of glitter… this time. ;p

Note the icicle there….toilet paper tube hidden secrets of love!








Holidays are over! Woohoo


It’s been the busiest holiday season and I totally forgot about my blog. My beautiful daughter poked me in the face with this this afternoon, so here I am blasting you all with some news and stuff. I’ve spent much time dying fiber, spinning and knitting so my family could all have one of a kind hats for Christmas. I’m glad to be getting back to fiber because I love it. 😀

I recently started dying fibers and have a small following of people that find my fibers to be most pleasing to the senses. I do not disagree. I accidentally started a business. No regrets, in fact it’s exciting. Right now I work on a consignment level with a local yarn shop that carries some spinning / felting items. The shop owner digs my stuff. She likes me, she really likes me. Heh. The point is, I am excited for what this new year will bring my way. I shall provide some luscious images of fibers woohoo following this posting. These specific rovings are sold, but if you’re interested in some, let me know.

I shall keep this succinct so I don’t have run on sentences and seems desperate for attention. I intend in the soon to share some holiday crafts I did this holiday, I know it’s more Christmas, blah blah blah, get over it…. hand crafted goodies opposed to the thoughtless purchase of ornaments can not be beat so I shall share with you cheap ideas that anyone can do. Be ready! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage