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Recyclables turned into something new! Thinking outside the box for new creative stuff is always fun in my book! Check it out, I’m evening including tutorials as I manage the time!

Toilet Paper Tube Icicle Tutorial

Toilet Paper Tube Icicle Tutorial





Master Recycler = Me. I try to reuse as many things as I can in secret hidden you don’t know it’s trash ways. Here is another one them!


Toilet paper tube (as many as you want)


large metal knitting needle (easier to clean) *Optional*


brush for gluing

glitter of your choice in a ziplock style bag

1. Cut your tube following the natural line around the tube.



2. This is how it flattens to look.  If it looks like this, you’ve done it right so far!




3. Cut it along the center. Now you have 2 strips.


4. Cut the 2 you have in the center again and it multiplies to 4. You can cut smaller but remember when you glue them and reform them they are thinner and may be weaker.



5. I didn’t get pictures of the gluing and glitter as I needed more hands than I had! However I will try to explain in detail. I glued both sides of the tube strips and tossed them in the ziplock to shake the glitter onto them. I let them dry a short time, still damp but not fresh, I took a knitting needle, the metal kind and used it to shape the icicle, twirling it around the needle in the natural direction it wanted to go and formed it. Let it dry, there you have it. Toilet paper tube icicles. I hole punched one end to wire them.  Below is what they looked like with my choice of glitter… this time. ;p

Note the icicle there….toilet paper tube hidden secrets of love!








Christmas tree skirt… out of plastic bags? Mmhmm

Christmas tree skirt… out of plastic bags? Mmhmm


tree skirt tree skirt close up

This is going to be a short tutorial on how to make a Christmas tree skirt out of plastic bags. The plastic bags you get from shopping. So don’t throw them out.

Items needed:

Plastic bags, think ahead and plan so you’re getting the colors you want and saving them.

Wax paper




a design in mind

You want to set your iron at the 3rd heat setting. Be careful not to let it sit in one place to long.

1. Cut the logo from the bags and set aside to use later if you need part of the logo.

2. Cut the design components out.

3. Lay a folded sheet or something you can use to iron on.

4. Line the folded sheet with a layer of wax paper large enough to hold the plastic.

5. Layer the background of the plastic, in my case it was white, I had about 5 layers of the background plastic.

6. Lay another layer of wax paper on top of plastic layers now. (Note: make sure the wax part of face up and face down on the plastic respectively, this insures it peels away properly from the finished plastic sheet)

7. Run the iron over the entire thing briefly, you want the layers to be together enough to proceed with the next steps. You don’t want to iron as though you’re finishing yet.

8. Carefully peel one side of the wax paper off, this will be the side you apply your design components too.

9. Flip the piece over and on the side that still has the wax paper, draw a circle the size you need it, in my case I used a cardboard disc from a paper mill as my guide, the disc is HUGE. Anyway, mark and cut the circle the size you need.

10. Now that it’s cut into the circle, keep that wax on the bottom, flip the piece over again and start placing the design pieces. Once you’re done placing the design, put the wax paper you carefully took off back over the plastic, carefully, the whoosh of the wax paper going down may move your plastic pieces.

11. Iron over the entire piece again, this time you will make sure it’s all stuck in place and solid.  Turn the piece over and iron the other side also.

12. Allow to cool then peel the wax paper off and VOILA! Christmas Tree Skirt. Cut your slit and your stalk hole and it’s the coolest!


Strap it up and roll that beat!



Even though I am show casing my handy work at the guitar strap design, I am sharing how and why it all came about, succinctly.  I know it’s a crappy picture. It was a long time ago and I can’t really just snap another right now. I’ll try to coax a moment with it and re-shoot the image(s).

I met a man through my best friend about 7 years ago now. My first experience with him, was spent enamored by his talent. Halloween party, we’re all drunk and having a good time. Beck scoops up a guitar and strums a tune that he free styles custom lyrics to the situation at hand. He didn’t suck. It was a good time. People like Beck have a drawing quality. Men and women alike are drawn to him, now not in every case as he has his turmoils and struggles, we can’t please everyone, but Beck is a special person.

My relationship and love for Beck honestly started through my best friend. Her love and respect and loyal concern for him catches on, consequently, I have full reason to believe this is the same means in which he learned he loves us too. Beck had a birthday and it was his 30th, special damned birthday. My family was invited to his bonfire fun fest birthday bash which for me struck panic and anxiety, I don’t have a gift, I try to never go empty handed, my husband and I were raised it’s rude to show to an invited event empty handed. So I set out connecting to my spirit, it’s the most creative side of me.

Beck doesn’t have it all, but he kind of does. He can get what ever he wants, he’s a worker. He’s not afraid of the burn of muscles tearing and growing, he’s not afraid of the challenge of a fight, of hard work, he really does have it all. So what the hell could I gift him that he couldn’t do on his own? Him, his being, seen through those that love him, stitched out and quilted together into a guitar strap. Each patch represents something about him that stands out. Parts of the fabric from his past, pieces cut from friends clothing that they wore while… blah blah blah, whatever story, I stitched it all out and erected Becks hieroglyphic strap.  It’s been a long ass time since then, and I still  love Beck, my husband is equally in love with him. It’s hard to find people with a spirit that doesn’t rub yours wrong. In terms of his strap, I don’t think I could top the gift to him, he values it immensely. If his ever gives up the ghost, he knows where to have another one designed. ❤

Paper Plate Cherry Blossoms


Paper plate cherry blossoms!What do you give someone you love when flowers apply but they’re allergic to flowers? You create an alternative. I had some paper plates, I had crayons, I have a marker and I had scissors. I drew out a basic cherry blossom shape on paper plates and then colored them with crayon all over, the lines don’t matter because you’re cutting the flowers out. Once all your flowers are cut out you get wooden skewer sticks and tape or hot glue the sticks to the back of the flower. The picture shows them in a stein to show the end result of the flower. But what my family and I ended up doing… we sneaked onto my best friends yard, which her dogs is insane when he hears a noise and would have given us away! So we very quietly sneaked and stuck the sticks into her lawn, planting flowers all over her yard. With all the sneaking we couldn’t get pictures of the planted flowers. Then we sneaked away like predators and waited for a call of what the hell to commence. Lol. When the call came, my friend was in tears and laughing and taking it all in that we did that for her. We love her.  It took a little bit of time and she really enjoyed it. It’s not about spending a lot of money for a gift worth giving. She’ll never forget the surprise of dozens of giant cherry blossoms in her yard. The flowers themselves fade away. I think it was a winner!

Nevermore Shadow light box



“And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted – nevermore!”




My daughter and I are hardcore Poe fans. I love his writings. I made this shadow light box for my daughter. Homemade paper that I saved from another project which I will include in another post… Look for my book box.  I made the paper, cut the image out on glittered foam sheets. I began layering the image down then the special paper. My husband helped me make a window pane grid inside and I stuffed tulle for a funky eerie light effect, then a small strand of clear white Christmas lights. It can be hung or sat on a table or shelf, be lit or unlit. I don’t remember where I got the image, but I do not take credit for image design, I just take credit for it’s use here. ❤

The Christmas promise continued…


paper ornaments Brown paper bags… again. I used a stencil and traced the shapes and cut them, those with a cricut will probably have a quicker go of this. :/ I paired two sides up and machine stitched with metallic thread and before I stitched all the way I stuffed a candy in there. Once they were stuffed and sealed I hole punched and strung them. Christmas day treats that sub  as ornaments until then! Then you eat the innards, and recycle the outside. No ornament storage and that’s cool! Enjoy ❤

Wine Bottle Planter Tutorial


glass cutter

We’re not big alcohol drinkers, but we had a celebration that landed us with a few more bottles than we’re used too.

So basically, after a few fails I bought the featured glass cutter above. Fancy cutting gadget that enables to do do this alone. Once it’s put together and you get the concept, it’s bottle planter

Score the bottle where your desired cut is to be. It will sound like fabric tearing as you cut, if you’re doing it correctly. Don’t over cut, once around.

Have a way of pouring hot water from the boil on the fracture cut you made, You want to get it just on the fracture as much as possible, in other words don’t heat the whole bottle. Then quickly run the fracture under cold water. As the bottle begins to break, you will see a change in the light at the fracture. Continue on with this heat and cold cycle until the bottom or whatever you’re cutting falls free. Warning, this scares me every time, the first few times I actually let out a quick shriek. It has a break away pop noise then falls to the bottom of the sink.

Once the bottle is cut, I took denim strips I cut from old jeans and fed them through the neck to the inside of the bottle, and tied the ends to metal washers that were bigger than the bottle neck so they wouldn’t fall out. I filled with soil and my chosen plant and then hung. Watering required it to be taken down and turned or through the neck VERY slowly. These made some great gifts too.

Tire Planter


These tires got left at my house when a family member moved. I asked the three boys I live with to do something about them, they shuffled them around anytime I’d make a fuss but on the property they stayed… so I figured if I can’t beat them join them. We can keep the tires forever as far as I am concerned. ❤ Tire planters

My husband mounted these to the outside garage wall in our backyard, he used anchor bolts drilled through the tires and into studs. I then added organic soil and a spray of favorite plants.  The issue I have found is that it needs watered frequently in the spring and summer months, so easy idea is to take a 2 liter bottle and drill a hole in the lid and then fill with water, bury the top of the bottle in the soil and it will water slowly, just keep checking the bottle water level. If Plastic isn’t your thing, then drilling a hole in a cork and re-cork a water filled wine bottle and it’s a classier water dispenser.