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Here is my handspun yarns, fibers or knit wares. All listed here are for sale unless I note “sold”. Which to be honest… is why I am adding this section. I’d love to sell my fiber arts for your fiber arts!

Colors Galore… fiber love.


This is my newest dyes. They’re all available if you find one you want. I don’t have the paypal feature quite figured out for use on here, but I have paypal available.  I will quote shipping based on location. Bare with me, this will all be easier to purchase as I learn. ❤ I want to also say, these fibers, all but the faux cashmere, felt wonderfully. Faux cashmere does not felt.

Upcycled Spools


What do you do with your empty thread spools? I do this… I dye wool roving lovely colors and I felt them!! I needle felted these to a point where the fiber stayed in place and then wet felted with hot soapy water and friction. Once I have the desired amount I will cut out pictures of my family and glue them to both ends and display them in a basket or something and have a coffee table felted spoolsphoto album that will get admired. 😀  

felted spools2

Sock blanks, anyone?


Have you ever heard of sock blanks? I hadn’t until my aunt Linda told me about it. She told me about it for socks, however I never really keep it just where I was described it’s used often, so I decided to use the concept for a hat.

Boston B

Sock blanks is this succinctly, a knit flat panel, like a blank canvas, see where the name comes from “sock blank”?  You paint the blank canvas with your dyes, some choose kool aid method, some acid dye method, even RIT would work but I will give you the skinny on RIT, even though it will dye wool, it will dye anything else too, in other words, the makers of RIT put in dye powders that will dye all textiles known to dye, because obviously they don’t know what you’re dyeing. Because of that, if you’re dying wool, you may have some bleeding so I don’t suggest this route. I digress,  You paint on whatever image you want on the blank, oh yeah I should state this, you have a work surface of saran wrap to keep the mess and also you will be wrapping this and heating this to set the color. So make sure the wrap is wide and long enough to wrap it up, when wrapping try to avoid it resting on itself. Jelly roll is the best way I can explain.  Once you’ve painted and wrapped it, some microwave it for about 5 minutes, this route terrifies me, I create a double boiler with foil that I poked some holes into to allow the steam through. I heated it for about 2 minutes or so, rinsed well, allowed to dry and then unraveled and balled for knitting.

Boston Beanie

When you knit it it comes out totally different and unique each time. I really enjoyed this art project!

Dragonfly Knits.

Dragonfly Dish cloth

Dragonfly Dish cloth

I promised myself and the others around me I would consistently make next years Christmas crafts throughout the year instead of starting closer to the holidays.  I’m so far finding this is not challenging. I’ve had Christmas on the BRAIN for going on two years so this seems like home.

Soooo, here is a dish cloth that will become a set soon, for Christmas for my loved ones for next year. I will be making others in different image designs but I am a dragonfly girl and so I started with something I love. I used this pattern. 

Happy knitting and I hope these little gift ideas help your Christmas plans less expensive and less stressful. I’ll be adding more soon. ❤

Holidays are over! Woohoo


It’s been the busiest holiday season and I totally forgot about my blog. My beautiful daughter poked me in the face with this this afternoon, so here I am blasting you all with some news and stuff. I’ve spent much time dying fiber, spinning and knitting so my family could all have one of a kind hats for Christmas. I’m glad to be getting back to fiber because I love it. 😀

I recently started dying fibers and have a small following of people that find my fibers to be most pleasing to the senses. I do not disagree. I accidentally started a business. No regrets, in fact it’s exciting. Right now I work on a consignment level with a local yarn shop that carries some spinning / felting items. The shop owner digs my stuff. She likes me, she really likes me. Heh. The point is, I am excited for what this new year will bring my way. I shall provide some luscious images of fibers woohoo following this posting. These specific rovings are sold, but if you’re interested in some, let me know.

I shall keep this succinct so I don’t have run on sentences and seems desperate for attention. I intend in the soon to share some holiday crafts I did this holiday, I know it’s more Christmas, blah blah blah, get over it…. hand crafted goodies opposed to the thoughtless purchase of ornaments can not be beat so I shall share with you cheap ideas that anyone can do. Be ready! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage