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Succinctly, my husband and I enjoy the occasional intimate oil massage. And like normal people we use towels to control the mess. My towels are now smelling like rancid oil towels.  Like omg gag me with a spoon! Rancid. We have washed, bleached, sun dried, vinegar washed and I am  as we speak washing and soaking alternately in  Dawn detergent.  I am desperate! If you have an oil in the towel get it out solution, please comment! 
I was at a massage spa on Mothers day and noted their towels smelled similar.  Had I not understood how many times I have washed my towels to have the same smell… I might have walked out unsure of their cleaning practice. It’s a thing  I know… please help. 
Oh yea, it’s a grapeseed and sandalwood oil. Wonderful freshly massage… rancid on towels. HELP, PLEASE!!!