Time flies!!


It’s been almost 2 years since we put our brown paper back floor in our own unique flare in our bathroom and here is an update. Our critique if you will.

This is regarding my original post about the floor: https://trashtalkinhomesteader.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/brown-paper-bag-tutorial/

1) There has been no lifting or bubbling on our bathroom floor. There is no tears or breaches in it’s form.

2) The shine has not been changed and so far I’ve only mopped it. You can apply mop ‘n glo or a similar product to re-shine if you need, but it’s 2 years and I have not yet needed to.

3) The products we used on this floor have all performed as we had hoped and we would recommend using them if you intend to give this floor a go!

I want to express to you how much this room gets used and for various things, this is my heaviest crafting room many times. the floor has been easy to clean glitter from when using it for crafts, it’s been sturdy through the growth and abuse of our gigantic dog. I dye and process fiber in there, it’s the place with the largest tub of water to work in. This room is used in the most unconventional ways along with the intended use! The floor has stood up.

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