Chapped skin and lips… begone!

Finished lotion bar.

Finished lotion bar.

I have really dry skin in the winter and I also have very sensitive skin to chemical, so I have to do more natural things. I use coconut oil on my body and face at night, but during the day I need something I can grab and go with… My aunt, the one that taught me to spin yarn showed me this natural moisturizer in a tin at a wool festival we went to, it was expensive! So, I came up with one I can afford and I found I love! It even offers some water repellant temporarily of course… I am always with hands in water.




Anyway, Supplies:

1 oz of grated bees wax

1/2 cup of coconut oil (depending on the kind you get it will smell like coconut)

You can use essential oils if you chose, I feel the bees wax and coconut oil already leave an impressive and pleasant scent. That and it over powers other scents. My opinion.

1 quart sauce pan

1 – 16 oz jar used as a double broiler

A way to make into the form of your choice, I had a valentines chocolate candy mold. Lol, reuse, man!

Heat the oil and bees wax until it’s all melted and mixed.  Pour into the mold and allow to cool completely, pop out of the mold and Ermehgerd, lovely on the hands and lips, I can’t wait to try on my feet after my shower!

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