Colors Galore… fiber love.


This is my newest dyes. They’re all available if you find one you want. I don’t have the paypal feature quite figured out for use on here, but I have paypal available.  I will quote shipping based on location. Bare with me, this will all be easier to purchase as I learn. ❤ I want to also say, these fibers, all but the faux cashmere, felt wonderfully. Faux cashmere does not felt.

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  1. You sell this? I’m, not in yarn form but…um, um, um, ….stroke moment. Where it’s like long ropes of cotton? Like hairdressers use when perking? Goodness, my brain just can’t think of it? I’m really hoping you know what I mean? I’m looking to purchase it before yarn form but in that long soft cottony form. Like 7 1/2-8 lbs of it. For a rug I’d like to make for my mom room. If you have no idea what I’m talking about please tell me. But if you do, and you sell it, then I’ll gladly purchase from you when I’m ready? I’m told it’s quite expensive, but soft as a cloud. You take the rope of….felt? Wool? Idk!….and hand crochet it into a circle rug. It’s beautiful! Let me know! I’m happy to give you my business instead!

  2. The lady in the video said it wasn’t cotton, that it was roving? That she used merino wool roving and that it was rather expensive. I just spent the last 3 hrs searching for the dang blog I found it on! She also said while expensive it was so worth it as it was like sitting on a cloud! So 1. Do you sell roving? If so are there different kinds then merino? And if so are the others cheaper? If yes, do you think it’s that big of a difference? What I’m gathering, you’re the queen of wool here. So, if you sell, I’ll buy from you, but can you inform me on the different kinds and price differences, do only some kinds come in certain colors, can I get a rope in continuos length til I have 7 1/2-8lbs? Again, if I’m going to buy it anyway, why not give my business to someone who seems to have a passion rather than some large company. I much rather support the small merchants. Esp the ones who are so sweet to put up with me and all my ramblings. Besides, you have several color combos posted in pics up there I’m just in love with! Let me know. Again, I’m much happier supporting the smaller businesses who deserve the extra business. I’ve always found supporting them has brought good things into my life one way or another in turn. Be it amazing deals, or great friendships, I’ve always come out ahead. With a better product to boot. I’m hoping I’m on the right path here now. As I’ll be purchasing in as little as a month or so.

  3. Awesome! Thank you! It will be a super wash. I think. When I get closer to ready, ie: after holidays! I will maybe send you a link either to the blog or video so you can better know what I’m looking for. And then I should also have a better idea of colors I’m looking for and you can tell me what you offer by means of those. Thank you again. I’ll leave you alone now, I appreciate your patience. It can be difficult to work with me when I use wrong words, can’t remember them, or just forget all together, not to mention my rambling. You truly seem to be an angel. And I thank you for the bottom of my heart!

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