Baby Shower Center Piece

Baby Shower Center Piece

When my daughter got pregnant with our grand daughter my head exploded, at first with the woah, then with all the creative things I could get away with now! I threw the baby shower, I ordered girly pirate decorations, with little girl skulls and pink and black, very much my daughter. I had pink, black, white and silver balloons, large silver confetti thrown on the tables… normal stuff. I love flowers, but they’re expensive, I wanted to soften the pirate theme a little as well. I also have been a mom to three babies and so one thing I knew is they go through a lot of socks. One of her gifts from me was an ass ton of socks. After I had put my thinker on I figured it was redundant to have like 6 packages of socks wrapped so I opened a few packages,my best friend got in on the rolling socks action too, we took skewer sticks and floral tape, rolled the socks from toes to opening and taped around the stick to hold in shape. I then stuffed into a fake floral arrangement to dress it up and make it interesting, they served as center pieces then afterwards socks for days. It was cute and easy. baby shower center pieceI never thought I’d have a blog, so pictures I took seem to come up crummy these days. They’re older pictures, never thought to be used to be seen by anyone but maybe me and my small circle, I hope it still depicts how cute the idea is. ❤

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