Paper Plate Cherry Blossoms


Paper plate cherry blossoms!What do you give someone you love when flowers apply but they’re allergic to flowers? You create an alternative. I had some paper plates, I had crayons, I have a marker and I had scissors. I drew out a basic cherry blossom shape on paper plates and then colored them with crayon all over, the lines don’t matter because you’re cutting the flowers out. Once all your flowers are cut out you get wooden skewer sticks and tape or hot glue the sticks to the back of the flower. The picture shows them in a stein to show the end result of the flower. But what my family and I ended up doing… we sneaked onto my best friends yard, which her dogs is insane when he hears a noise and would have given us away! So we very quietly sneaked and stuck the sticks into her lawn, planting flowers all over her yard. With all the sneaking we couldn’t get pictures of the planted flowers. Then we sneaked away like predators and waited for a call of what the hell to commence. Lol. When the call came, my friend was in tears and laughing and taking it all in that we did that for her. We love her.  It took a little bit of time and she really enjoyed it. It’s not about spending a lot of money for a gift worth giving. She’ll never forget the surprise of dozens of giant cherry blossoms in her yard. The flowers themselves fade away. I think it was a winner!

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