Reflection Of Peace


belly castingA few years ago I started to crave learning to mosaic.  I never just start small, I have to go for the bigger more work projects.  I started with my daughters belly casting I did for her. I still have the art piece, lol I am afraid it will get broken at her house. ❤ I figured out after that that I love love love mosaic. It’s fun and you almost can’t mess it up.  So here is her belly casting. Slight tutorial for that. I name this piece “A Reflection Of Peace”. 


Pregnant Lady, Casting strips, can be bought at Michaels or other craft stores, Vaseline

Warm water, drop cloth for the floor, Scissors, rubber gloves

Ok so prep the body that’s to be cast with vaseline, this helps it not stick to the mom to be.

While she’s lubing you could be cutting the casting strips and readying them to be wet.

It’s not exact how many you will need, everyone is a different size or want more or less of themselves cast.

Pose the mom to be how she wants to be immortalized in stone and start wetting the strips, wet them one at a time, it doesn’t take long for them to moisten, apply them to the mom and smooth out the casting shmoy, and repeat process until the casting is complete. Allow to harden a while, it starts to turn a different shade when it’s drying. Remove carefully and store in a safe dry place so it can dry, Don’t store it in a way that the damp areas will be affected by the weight.  You want it the same way it came off. Once dry you can paint, decoupage, mosaic or tons of other ideas. ❤

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