Who said you can’t be a mermaid?!



mermaid front

Have you ever had a child in your life who screams mermaid? The little elven faced cutie just IS a mermaid?

My best friends daughter is that child. Because she wasn’t born with fins I decided to make her something to fulfill her childhoodfantasy, temporarily as she’s a growing child. I will also include a non picture tutorial as I didn’t think about making a tutorial at the time.

mermaid towel back

I found two HUGE towels at Goodwill, don’t judge, both were newer than I even use, fluffy and soft and one was purple with flecks of sparkle! I had never seen a glittery towel, so you bet your ass I bought it! Anyway, bought the towels, washed the towels. I took butcher paper and drew a HUGE pattern. For the body, think Little  Mermaids Ursula, it’s going to look gigantic while it’s flat. Fret none it makes sense in the end.  BIG rounded hips that narrow dramatically for the tail to attach and make sense.  I also used butcher paper to make the HUGE tail.

Pin the pattern on the towel for the body and and tail, cut it.  I pinned the tail to the body and stitched the two together, this is all assuming your pattern pieces butt together correctly. You want the edges lined up and proper because after the tail is attached you’re going to overlock stitch or a fairly tight zigzag.  The goal is for the edges to not fray and to look clean, I am anal retentive about this so I am known to zig zag a few times to insure it looks finished.

The top part, you’re going to fold it over and stitch a wide finished band, This is where elastic will go so make sure it’s wide enough to fit the elastic. I used one inch wide as I wanted structure for a modest child. From arm pit to arm pit on the towel body you will run elastic  IN the back ONLY. the front portion that’s left you are going to run snap tape with 3 to 4 snaps so as they grow it can be adjusted.  I know there is no images to show the steps and I am sorry, but I believe if you look at the images of the completed piece you can see the basics and if you’re crafty, it won’t be a challenge… or much of one. ❤

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