Dry Skin SUCKS!


I have the worst skin nowadays. I intend to make this the year of healing and recovering myself, to include happiness which I’ve allowed to slip away from me. BUT this year I intend to see myself feel better. Having said that, there is some things I do that make me feel better on the skin level temporary.

I’ll tweeze my facial hair I don’t want, we all have it so don’t giggle like you don’t and I am the freak with the facial weave issue. I tweeze. After the tweezing and painful parts are done, I will smear honey on my face and allow to sit and soak in for about 10 minutes. I smear enough on to coat, but it will run when it’s warm so you don’t want so much you’re going to get it in your eyes, stings like a mo fo when you do.  Then rinse when warm water and a soft wash cloth. Pat dry and I LOVE to follow up with a coconut oil finish, I will even apply it to my hair and run a hair dryer to melt it all in for even coverage, pull my hair into the omg don’t look at me bun and mob around at home until I shower in the evening. Wash like normal and my hair is soft and shiny, split ends are less of an issue and I am not coating myself in chemically bound products. It’s the hippy haps.


Eventually I will amend this and post a recipe for a moisturizer that rocks.

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